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Rugby Tour Theme Ideas

A MASSIVE part of any rugby tour is the theme… We have heard of many great ones over the years and it would only seem fair to share!

If you are looking to gain some inspiration and ideas for your up and coming tour, then you are in the right place!
In my experience growing up and going on tours we had a variety of themes;

-U13’s Funny hats
-U14’s Super Hero’s
-U15’s Neon
-U16’s Army/Camo

That’s just my personal experience. Out of those my favourite was the funny hats. You had to wear your hat at all times and there were forfeits during the weekend taking it off.

Other ideas include;

Mexicans, Where’s Wally, Vicars, Baywatch, Golf, Bad shirts, Mullets (potential tour activity?), Pimps, anything beginning with your first names initials e.g Ben-Banana Man

Another great idea would be to put all tourer’s names into a hat, take in turns to pick out a name and all members go to a charity shop and buy your chosen name an outfit for the tour. (Charitable Idea)

The idea behind a tour theme is to add an element of fun, laughter, team bonding and competition to see who’s outfit is the craziest. You can come up with rules involving your costumes. Just a joking and laughing point to follow throughout the tour. Use relative commands associated with the theme during the tour ie when the tour leader shouts for example WHERES WALLY and you have to hide.

Have a fab tour, we would love to hear what themes you decided on……………………………….

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