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Why go on a cricket tour?

Cricket tours and indeed sports tours are a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the sport you love with your local team. Here are some of the reasons why we think cricket tours are definitely one for the calendar….

Cricket action batsman plays strikes ball into field

  • Put your sport at the centre of your holiday – sports tours are an opportunity to put your sport at the centre of your holiday. For the duration of the tour, everything revolves around the cricket! Enjoy the sport you love as a holiday.


  • Celebrate/reward a good season – if your team has done well this season, what better way to celebrate this than sharing a few days all together with the sport you all have in common at the centre of it? Sports tours are a great way to bond as a team and boost morale within the team.


  • Prepare for a new season – whilst you might have been training on your own or in a small group with other members of your team in the lead up of the season, it’s probably a while since you all trained and spent time together as a team. A tour can revive the camaraderie in the team before the season begins and if you all bond off the pitch enjoying what you love, there’s a good chance you will perform better as a side when you are playing in the new season!


  • To have fun! most importantly, a tour is fun! Sports Travel South West are organised and always look to take the stress off your hands.


  • Other reasons to go – experience different styles of play, meet new people, experience different coaching environments, watch a game abroad, assess your students in different environment, compete in an international tournament, play competitively against a foreign opposition.



We can offer bespoke cricket (and rugby) tours for local teams, universities and schools of all abilities all over the UK and beyond! Tours are suited to match your needs – ages, budget and ability. We have a strong rapport with tour organisers from all corners of the world so if you and your team are up for jet setting, we can make it happen!


If you would like more information about any of our tours or you would like to book, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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