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The hockey season is almost upon us!

Hockey World Cup

Can anyone stop the Netherland Ladies hockey team? Deserved champions, they claimed their eight title, defeating the Irish, who made a huge impact this year with their spirit and energy, despite being beaten 0-6 by the orange giants in the final. Fresh from the World Cup and with the hockey club and school season fast approaching, we thought we’d put together some of the main reasons why hockey is one of the best sports out there.

Field Hockey player, ready to pass the ball to a team mate

Why play hockey? Top 5 reasons to play  

  • Fast, thrilling and adrenalin pumping – hockey is one of the most exhilarating sports out there, testing a player’s reactions, instincts and teamwork. The speed at which the ball travels (especially on AstroTurf) means there is plenty of running involved and there’s nothing quite like putting in a cross or shot at goal and watching the immense speed at which it travels.


  • Camaraderie with your team – whatever your level, whether it be junior, adult or senior, hockey is an opportunity to make new friends and work with the people around you in a context you enjoy. The type of friendships made whilst playing sport are unique and hockey is no exception.


  • No offside rule – although this may seem like a trivial one, the offside rule omission in the game of hockey is a godsend, particularly for those who also play football/soccer. The exclusion of the rule allows for more movement up front and better opportunities for through balls and crosses, making the game dynamic more interesting.


  • High level of skill and problem solving skills required – the pace of the game requires a great deal of co-ordination as do the technicalities; shots such as an overhead, push, slap, dragflick and dribbling to name a few.


  • Hockey knows no age – this is particularly true of club hockey where certain teams include players aged from 16 all the way up to 70! For this reason, hockey is a great opportunity to mix with demographics you may not otherwise bump into in other areas of life.


Feeling inspired by the start of the season or got World Cup blues? Sports Travel South West can organise bespoke hockey tours for local clubs and beyond.  You can view the England Hockey calendar by clicking here to check out the fixtures you might want to see with your team.


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