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New year, new you! Health and fitness advice for 2018

The start of a new year is sometimes intimidating and the prospect of change can be challenging. We’ve put together some useful information to give you healthy food for thought when thinking about the year ahead…

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  • Sleep, sleep sleep! Experts say we should be getting a solid 8 hours sleep every night in order to be on top form. If you’re a keen sportsperson this is particularly important, giving you the energy to perform to the best of your ability.


  • You are what you eat. They say abs are made in the kitchen and it’s no wonder. Nutrition is a vital part of staying healthy and no matter how many hours you spend working out, failing to maintain a diet full of vitamins and nutrients will hinder your progress. Feed your body the right stuff in 2018 and don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. Swap out a couple of foods that you know are a vice for you and replace them with some healthier alternatives that you know you are likely to enjoy.


  • Get watered not slaughtered. December generally ends up being an alcohol-fuelled month and a little break never hurt anyone – give your body a detox by giving Dry January a go.


  • Keep fit. Not only is keeping fit good for your body, it’s also good for the soul, as endorphins are released each time you exercise. Combat the calories you may have collected over Christmas by partaking in a sport you love. If you’re feeling a bit daunted by the prospect of working out, try doing it with a gym buddy or engage in a team sport.


  • Setting Unrealistic Goals. Some people want to lose weight quickly. This means they often set unrealistic goals to help them lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible. The problem with this is that in the long term it is difficult to keep to such unrealistic weight loss plans.


  • Trying to loose weight from one body part. You CANNOT target fat loss. Especially after Christmas a lot of people are unhappy with the way they look and most commonly people get a ‘gut’ over the Christmas period. People then try and shift their ‘gut’ by doing endless amounts of crunches and other abdominal exercises but the harsh reality of it all is that you cannot target your fat loss. Fat will disappear with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.


  • Ego lifting. Letting your ego get the better of you in the gym to try and impress your mates. Lifting as much as possible is all well and good if you are using the correct technique. Lifting weights with the incorrect technique can result in very serious health/joint problems. Only lift weights your comfortable with and don’t let ego get the better of you.


  • Lack of Knowledge. If you feel like you want to go to the gym but don’t know what to do once you are there then you should either attend the HITT or Strength and conditioning classes. You could even write yourself a plan of exercises with help from the internet and go to the gym and do it that way but as you go on in the gym you learn more and more.

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