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Isle of Wight Vectis Rugby Festival

Last year’s annual Vectis Rugby Festival was fantastic, and this year will be no different as we head into our 17th year. The festival, hosted by the Vectis RFC, will be held on Sunday 28th April 2019 at Seaclose Park in Newport, on the Isle of Wight.

Sports Travel South West says It’s a great introduction to youth rugby touring”.

It offers 7-12 year olds the chance to play great rugby, in a friendly, fun and competitive environment at this widely attended end of season festival. In 2018 we saw over 1,700 children attend the event from 132 teams across the UK. It’s the ideal opportunity for any clubs, big or small to get involved.

Festival co-organiser and Vectis chairperson Sarah Kearney said, “The festival just gets bigger each year. We had teams from as far afield as Thornbury and Beckenham, London Scottish and Bracknell brought teams to the Island, which shows just how good a name the festival has.

He added, “The event works well as a focal point on the youth rugby calendar as a celebration of the end of the season for many clubs.”

The Isle of Wight is the perfect setting for the festival as it’s one of the UK’s warmest and sunniest places. It’s also only a half hour ferry ride to the island from the mainland. Once on the island, you will be surprised at the spectacular scenery, picturesque villages and award winning beaches; it really is a fabulous location.

As the official sports tour operator, Sports Travel South West offer an amazing weekend package to make attending the festival hassle free. Our sample itineraries for our 2019 trip can be found on our website, and prices start from just £54 per person. Our weekend package takes you away from the 26th of April up until the 29th. We take care of your transportation, accommodation, activities and food so you and your club can enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

We can arrange transport to pick you up straight from your home club, and take you directly to your accommodation. We offer Holiday Park, Hotel and Activity Centre accommodation during the trip depending on what suits your team. On the Saturday before the festival your coach will be available to help you explore the island and we will also happily lay on fun activities for your team to get involved with.

To view 2019 sample itinerary click here

For more information call us on 01736 797168 or email us today.

Let us help you arrange the perfect trip for you and your club for next years Vectis Rugby Festival. We are sure it will be one you won’t forget.




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