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6 Health and Fitness Related Tips for the New Year!

December Blog – 6 Health and Fitness Related Tips for the New Year!

Christmas famously associated with fun, family and food. But for those who are interested in the way that they look and feel the food part of Christmas can be a dangerous if taken to extreme and then nothing is done about the damage caused over the festive period.
So, with Christmas also comes the New Year and many people often see this as a way to start the year fresh and perhaps burn off all the mince pies and chocolate which you may have demolished over the festive period.

So many people have a New year’s resolution to get fit/change their appearance/accomplish a physical goal. With this people either join a gym/take up a sport or start running/cycling. And here are a few pointers/tricks which we recommend to get you hooked on the fitness buzz and have a great 2019.

1. Don’t do it alone!

Starting something with a friend has heaps of benefits for yourself and your bud. Firstly, there is the element of feeling more comfortable doing new things if you are with somebody you know. There is also a competitive element of training with a friend and a way of motivating each other when you are not feeling like training.

2. Keep the costs down

Don’t make fitness a financial tie. When starting something new it is easy to think that you need all the gear but most of the time this is not the case just get the essentials.

3. Music- Invest in some headphones.

This is a point which helped me a lot. When I got started, I was very keen and lucky in the way that I didn’t see the gym in a bad way, I was the opposite and I was excited to go. But to make sure I went to the gym every day I purchased myself some headphones (Beats X wireless headphones AMAZING – Highly recommend) and I was excited to go to the gym alone but to use my snazzy new wireless headphones every day just topped it off.

4. Plan/Document

Keep of track of the progress that you are making either on your notes app on your phone or the old fashioned way of writing everything down. This is for the more OCD planning obsessed people out there. It lets you see what progress you are making and helps you to not lose track of what you do in your sessions.

5. Diet but not too hard

the word diet is often frowned upon because people see it is a restrictive, unenjoyable and time-consuming way of living but when it is understood it is easy. Look at dieting as a level piece of soil. When you exercise you are digging a hole (expending calories/soil) when you are eating (adding calories/soil) you are filling the hole. To loose fat you have to stay in a caloric deficit (hole in ground) to put on weight you have to have a pile above the ground) a caloric surplus. While you are in the surplus you will gain weight.

6. Give it time

Unfortunately it is a very long process but there is no time to start then the 1st/2nd of January.

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