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5 Reasons to go on a Rugby Tour

5 Reasons to go on a Rugby Tour

1. Memories

  • Firstly, it is about having fun with your mates. As children all of our favourite memories are with your best buds doing something exciting and memorable such as travelling up on the coach, stopping for good ole fast food grub, fun in the hotel, participating in exciting activities and playing host clubs.
  • Fun and games on your tour – Tour theme, fancy dress/traditions/mascots/court and rules.
  • Stories for you and your mates to tell amongst each other for years to come.

2. Build Up

  • Anticipation – Selecting your tour destination and what you expect to do on tour. All of the amazing fun ways of fund raising whether it be packing bags at the local supermarket, car washing, race nights or rowing in the gym the distance you are travelling as a sponsored exercise. The countdown to the tour throughout your season knowing it is getting ever closer!

3. Seeing new sights

  • Seeing new sights is something which everybody in life needs. For example, there are many people who very rarely visit the seaside and have the opportunity to do surfing lessons. On the opposite side of the spectrum there also many people who live in rural areas which have never visited a city and are intrigued at the idea of visiting London and all of the land marks and interesting buildings and activities which the big smoke has to offer.
  • Many people have also never experienced being abroad and what better way of doing so with your mates playing rugby against people you have never met in a place you have never been. At STSW we can guarantee that rugby tours are the most fun you can have.

4. Playing against different opposition

  • Growing up all the way from under 7’s to under 18’s you are playing against the same select teams in your area in various cups and leagues and you know exactly what teams are good and what teams are not so strong, who their key players are and how to beat them.
  • When going on tour and playing against a range of opposition it gives your team a chance to send a message out across the country and challenge yourself playing new teams.

5. Opportunity to watch top class rugby

  • The opportunity to watch high level sporting events with your friends is a real eye opener and an experience that most young rugby players don’t forget.

But always remember, what goes on tour stays on tour!

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